Supreme Caramel Nut Chocolate Protein Bar Review

Today let’s look at the Carb Conscious Caramel Nut protein bar by Supreme.

Company: Supreme Protein LLC

Flavor: Caramel Nut Chocolate (Carb Conscious)

Nutrition Profile

Size 96g
Calories 400g

Calories from Fat 140g (or 27%)

Total Fat 15g

Saturated Fat 8g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 20mg

Sodium 300 mg

Potassium 65 mg

Total Carbohydrate 36 g

Dietary Fiber 1g

Sugars 10g

Sugar Alcohols 27g

Protein 30g


Other Nutrition Facts

Vitamin A 35%

Vitamin C 25%

Calcium 30%

Iron 15%

Vitamin E 50%

Riboflavin 10%

Niacin 10%

Vitamin B6 30%

Folate 30%

Vitamin B12 10%

Biotin 10%

Pantothenic Acid 10%

Phosphorus 20%

Magnesium 6%

Zinc 10%

Copper 20%

Manganese 15%


What Type of Protein Do Supreme Bars Use?

Supreme bars primarily use whey protein and let’s face it, that’s the best “whey” to go when you need high quality protein to build muscle (see what we did there?).  Supreme uses their own special protein blend which consists of why protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and milk protein isolate.

What We Like About Supreme’s Caramel Nut Chocolate Bars

Supreme Bars don’t short change you whatsoever.  If you want a heftier protein bar, this carb conscious bar doesn’t disappoint.  We also like that this is one of the few bars that uses a bit of whey protein concentrate right in the chocolate coating that covers the bar.  Even the crisps of this bar are protein based; they’re made of isolated soy protein, tapioca starch, and salt. Nice touch!

Supreme Carb Conscious Caramel Nut Protein Bar


What We Don’t Like

WTF is going on with the sugar and sugar alcohol in this thing?

Ten grams of sugar and 27 grams of sugar alcohol??  We don’t like going to big on the sugar, even if you’re bulking because high sugar can kill your gains.  I know much of the sugar in this case is in sugar alcohol form, but what exactly does that mean?  In terms of how it affects your body, is having a high sugar alcohol level really that much better?  Not likely.

Supreme Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar Back
Another bar with super high fat levels?  Geez!  Sure, I know nuts play a part the reason the fat content is a bit high.  But 15 grams of total fat with 8 grams of saturated fat isn’t what we consider a healthy bar.  Of course you shouldn’t be sitting around eating protein bar after protein bar anyway because it wouldn’t be good for you (trust us).  You can still end up being quite lean if you’re an active person, but saturated fat isn’t exactly a heart healthy ingredient.

Also, can someone please explain to me how a “carb conscious” bar has 36 grams of carbs?  As far as bars go, that’s EASILY on the higher side of the carb count.  Huh?!?

Seriously, next time you’re in a health food store just look that the nutrition labels for protein bars.  Thirty-six to forty is high!  Yeah, carb conscious my a$$; maybe it’s carb conscious if I eat half the bar.

How much do Promax Bars Cost?

You will pay about $2.40/bar for one bar or about $27.00 for a one box.

How do they taste?

Amazing! I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the Nestle’s 100 Grand bar, but Supreme Bars taste quite similar. It makes since seeming as how it has many of the same ingredients. I remember selling those 100 Grand Bars for a high school fundraiser and using my allowance to often “buy from myself.”

Inside View of a Supreme Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar

Where Can I Get Them?,, GNC, and other health food stores. For the best price, go here!

Special Notes

Do you have nut/peanut allergies?  Please keep in mind that Supreme protein bars contain “peanuts, soy, and milk, and are produced on equipment that also processes tree nuts (almonds), eggs and wheat.”

The Final Say

The Supreme, Caramel Nut Chocolate Protein bar isn’t perfect (is any bar really?).  Just as we said earlier, we don’t like how extremely high the saturated fat levels are in this bar among several other things.  Sure it tastes, good, but being healthy, muscular, and lean means being cautious about what you’re putting into your body.  It means paying attention to what’s on those labels.  This is one of the bars we like slightly more than some of others we’ve come across.  Here’s how we rate it:

Inside Look of the Supreme Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar

Best Protein Bars Guide Grade (BPBG Grade): C+

How do you feel about the Supreme, Chocolate Caramel Nut Bar? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next protein bar!

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