Quest Bar Review Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

In this Quest Bar Review, we are going to take look a one of the most popular protein bar flavors from the Quest camp, a company whose bars are quickly gaining popularity in the fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding community.

Company: Quest

Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Total Fat – 8g

Saturated Fat – 3g

Trans Fat – 0g

Cholesterol – 5mg

Sodium – 310 mg

Potassium – 125 mg

Total Carbohydrate – 21 g

Dietary Fiber – 17g

Sugars – 1g

Erythritol – 1g

Protein – 21g


Calcium 4%

Iron 10%

Magnesium 8%


What type of Protein do Quest Bars Use?

Quest bars use a protein blend of both whey protein isolate and Milk protein isolate.

What We Like

While other bars may boast a slightly higher number of protein grams per bar, we like that this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar has a CLEAN protein profile.  It’s got whey protein and milk protein.  That’s nice and simple.

Quest’s bar is low in sugar, too!  Sing praises to the protein gods for that!  Only one gram of sugar and on gram of erythritol (a sweetener/sugar alcohol that is derived from lichen & algae).  This is quite surprising seeming as it’s a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor and all.  The 21 grams of carbohydrate are also extremely reasonable.
What else do we like?  OH! Have you checked the dietary fiber on this thing?!? It’s like eating several bowls of bran flakes! A whopping 17 grams of dietary fiber in one bar.  That’s 68% of your recommended daily allowance!  I know these bars taste great, but with fiber levels this high, you may  want to limit yourself to one a day .
Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

In addition, the flavor is off the charts for us.

Also you the serving size is perfect.  You know how some large bars may be really tasty but the flavor is quite rich?  Well with those bars it seems like you have too much bar.  Then you have those super tasty ones that are tiny and you end up thinking “Where’s the rest of the bar??”  The Quest bar is a happy medium.

What We Don’t Like

There isn’t a whole lot for us to say here.  One, minor, issue we can find with this bar is the eight grams of fat.  With protein bars it’s rather tough to find good-tasting ones that have low fat content.  The only other issue is that 21 grams of protein is on the low side of the protein scale.  However when you start taking a look at the other posts on this site that show comparisons, you’ll see that eight grams of fat with 3 grams of saturated fat is WAY less than the average in protein bar land; that’s a good thing!

Quest Cookie Dough bar

How much do Quest Bars Cost?

In the Amazon store, depending on the seller, you’ll end up paying between $2.00 and $2.50 per bar. Over at they run about $2.05 per bar or about $25.00 per box.

How do they taste?

Truthfully this chocolate chip cookie dough flavor blew us away! This hearty bar is loaded with DELICIOUS, high-protein, real, chunky, chocolate chip goodness.  The cookie dough bars have that classic, chewiness/stickiness that characteristic of most Quest bars.  We won’t lie and say that Quest gets every flavor right, but in this instance they most definitely did.

Quest Bar Choco Chip Cookie Dough

Where Can I Get Them?

Major fitness chains, like GNC, should carry these bars if you want to get your hands on one right now.  In addition, you can find them at  Or you can just click here.

Special Notes

For those with nut/peanut allergies, please keep in mind that these bars do contain almonds, cashews and peanuts.  For those who may be lactose intolerant, bars also contain milk.

The Final Say

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar from Quest receives one of the BPBG’s Best in Show.  This put it simply, this protein is perfectly balanced and doesn’t have a whole lot of junk in it’s ingredient profile.  This is one of the best protein bars you can buy.  We know, because tested it ourselves!  If you’re struggling to find a bar that’s as tasty as it is healthy, look no further.  You’ve found it!

Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Best Protein Bars Guide Rating (BPBG Rating): A

If you’ve tried the chocolate chip cookie dough bar from Quest, please feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad.  Having a dialogue about these bars can give everyone out there a much better idea of which bars are truly good.  Why waste money on bars that don’t taste good or have substandard ingredients?  Let us do the testing for you!

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